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* samlak Karma is an action, work or deed that refers to thespiritual principle of cause and effect. Good fortune and happiness is achieved through good intent, while evil deeds and malicious intent achieves the opposite. The principle of Karma has been seen in many ideologies and regions throughout the world and is still prominent today, even in social media (Reddit). The concept of Karma is “what goes around comes around”. Here are 10 Karma incidents from the past that will make you believe in Karma.
1. Marine Ron Poirier was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer after dumping hundreds of gallons of toxins into the ground.
2. A thief in Colombia was hit by a bus just seconds after robbing a woman.
3. After being thrown onto a pile of burning leaves a mouse runs into the home of its killer burning it to the ground.
4. In 1349 the Scottish army tried to take advantage of the Black Plague in England through an invasion, but caught it themselves and brought it back to Scotland, killing half of the native population.
5. After hiding her lottery winnings ($1.3 million) from her husband, Denise Rossi was ordered to give up 100% of her jackpot to her now ex-husband.
6. In 2011 a doctor had his life saved by a man whose life he saved over 30 years ago.
7. The Soviet military trained dogs to perform kamikaze-style suicide bombings on the battlefield. In fear, the dogs retreated back to their trenches killing theirown soldiers.
8. After terrorizing an interracial couple white supremacist and racist Craig Cobb agreed to taking a DNA test that revealed he was 14% black.
9. A stray dog after being kicked by a driver returned with a bunch of his friends and proceeded to trash the car, chewing upthe fenders and wipers.
10. China attempted to kill off their local sparrow population to increase rice yields but instead decreased rice yields by increasing their locust population and least 20 million people died of starvation.
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