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* samlak The following Facts About Russia tell you why this is one country on Earth that never fails to surprise us with its incredible antics. From blatant display of domination to bending the rulesto indescribable discoveries and inventions, Mother Russia has all the tricks of astonishment up her sleeve. Check out the below list of 15 Unbelievable but true facts about Russia that are absolutely bewildering:
1. There are 44 Russian cities that have been named as “Closed Cities” that do not allow any foreigner inside; About 1.5 million people live in these cities and moving out of these cities require special document from the authorities
2. A “Military Disneyland” has been openedin Kubinka city of Russia in which the visitors to the park can drive in military vehicles and can use military weapons
3. Alcoholism is so severe in Russia that many doctors treat it with surgically implanting a capsule that produces unbearable illness in the patient as it comes in contact with even a single drop of alcohol; The pain is similar in intensity toacute hero*n withdrawal
4. Teachers in Altai republic town of CentalRussia were paid vodka bottles instead of their 6 month salaries in 1998 because the Government was under a lot of debt and could not afford their wages
5. Siberia experienced an Orange snow in 2007; Scientists and Researchers could not find a definitive reason as to why it happened although some speculated that it was due to industrial pollution
6. A Russian woman named “Valentina Vassilyeva” holds the Guinness world record of delivering maximum number of babies in her lifetime- 69 infants
7. There is a lake in Russia which is so radioactive that it can kill you within one hour of standing near it; This lake was used to dump radioactive material in 1951
8. 25% Russian males die before they reach 55 years of age because of their intense addiction with Vodka; This was confirmed by a study that was conducted on drinking patterns of 151,000 Russian men
9. There is a 15 year old Russian girl named ‘Maryana Naumova’ who holds the record for the youngest girl in the world to bench 145 kg.
10. In Siberia, Russia- there is a 35 million year-old Asteroid Crater that was created in the 1970’s which contains diamonds; The Diamonds are worth “trillions of carats” and are valued At $1 quadrillion
11. In the 1990’s, first McDonald’s store was opened in Soviet-Russia; The Russian workers over there had to be trained on how to smile for the customers
12. A borehole was dug in 1989 by the Russian government that penetrated 40,230 feet into the Earth’s crust; This, by far, is the deepest borehole in the world and it is known as “Kola Superdeep Borehole”
13. Russia’s most dangerous prisons have Caucasian Mountain Shepherd dogs as prison guards; These dogs are 6ft tall with a weight of 200 lbs and have the stopping power of a .45 Caliber gun
14. In Russia, rich people can travel in “Ambulance Taxis” laden with high-end furniture and Tv’s to beat city traffic; Theserides cost more than $200 per hour
15. In Russia, there is a town- Verkhoyansk- where 1,311 people live and this town recorded a lowest temperature of −69.8 °C (−93.6 °F); It was also attackedby a pack of 400 wolves
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