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* samlak Throughout history there have been many things that make us wonder and fill us with emotions ranging from incredulity to pure horror. There were wars, there were theories and experiments, there were affairs and there were strange behaviors. And some of them are the r-rated factsabout history and not for the eyes of the fainthearted.
1. Benjamin Franklin frequently took “air baths” which included sitting naked at open windows for an hour. He believed being naked is good for the health.
2. The English explorer James Cook sailed to Hawaii in 1779. The Hawaiians thought he was their sex/fertility god Lono becausehe arrived while they were celebrating a festival, which he didn’t try to prove otherwise.
3. Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov was a Russian scientist who conducted experiments to create a human-chimpanzee hybrid, “humanzee”, in the 1920s.
4. During the WWII, the dehumanization and hate of Japanese was so strong that it became a common practice among many from the US military to collect their skulls and other body parts as trophies.
5. Anne Frank wrote in great detail her thoughts about her vagina, menstruation and male sexual organ that she didn’t knowthe name of. The diary was previously censored and edited by her father Otto Frank before publication.
6. During the Second Sino-Japanese War the Japanese officers conducted a “contest to kill 100 people” as part of the Nanking Massacre. When they exceeded their target they increased it to 150 killings.
7. Catherine the Great had a salon built andfurnished with highly detailed erotic furniture. The detail includes huge penises for table legs, penises and vaginas carved and embellished with gold leaf, and walls decorated with erotic art and artifacts fromPompeii.
8. Napoleon Bonaparte’s penis was sold for $3,000 at a Paris auction.
9. During the Iron Age in a remote part of Ulster, a tribe ritually and symbolically marries a man to a white mare. To becomea king the man then must copulate with themare after which it is dismembered and cooked.
10. During the Civil War, General Joseph Hooker had brought in so many prostitutesto follow his division that they were called “General Hooker’s Army” or “Hooker’s Legion”.
11. US President Warren Harding wrote over a thousand pages of erotic correspondence to his mistress, Carrie Fulton Phillips, for a period of 15 years.
12. Erwin Schrödinger, the famous quantum physicist, had a oth with his wife and the wife of his Austrian colleague.
13. To prevent the royal baby from being switched with an imposter, the royal women and monarchs of old had to give birth in front of witnesses.
14. Christopher Columbus committed many atrocities including cutting ears and nose as part of punishments for minor crimes or disregarding his rule.
15. As part of a spiritual chastity experiment Gandhi slept naked along with his great-niece to test his ability to abstain from sexual relations.
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