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* samlak If you check my profile you will see that I did one step by steps training on how to open fiverr account and create best selling GIGS. And I thank God that many people called me and appreciate. Some of these people told me that they have opened fiverr account for a long time but don’t make any money. They said my information really changed the story.
Now, am here with another information. If you read it very well am sure you will gain a lot. I want to share with you 6 services that is making me over $300 weekly on fiverr without stress. The good news about these services is, I can simply do it within 20minutes and am done. I don’t stress myself when its come to fiverr, all my gigs is 3days delivery the fastest one is 2days. And all my services is what I can finish within 20mintes.
Let Look at these 6 services:
1. Video Animation/explainer
2. eCover
3. Logo Design
4. Manual Blog Comment
5. Video Script Writing
6. Video Editing
Am sure those services are not new to you. But how to deliver them is the problem. But don’t worry I got you cover. The problem is the software to deliver some of these services like Video animation, video editing, eCover and Logo. But if you follow my step by step here you will see that you have these software with you right there inside your phone.
I don’t learn any of these services from anywhere. Especially video editing. I started with video editing by taking short movies using my phone and within 3days I was able to know like 50% of these work. And today my story is changed. And for the animation and logo I have the software and I learnt these from Youtube.
These 6 services are hot demand in fiverr. If you don’t believe me go straight now to fiverr.com you will see how people need these services like crazy. You can check my profile and see the step by step tutorial I created some months ago. I have details everything on how to open fiverr account and how to sell very well. But you will need the best service to offer on fiverr if you really want to make money during this economic recession. This is the reason why am here to show you how to do this services without stress that guarantee you over $30 daily without stress.
If you really want to know how I and my other guys are doing it. You can check the screen short email proof if you don't believe me. You will need to go here:
Follow that url and see how we are doing it without waking up by 5am. Lolz. You may want to ask any question. Am here with you to take any question. Have a nice day.
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