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* samlak It is no longer news that price of rice is skyrocketing in the Nigeria market today after the country slip into recession , a bag of rice sold for N13,000 then is now N19,000 which make it seemly unaffordable for mostly poor Nigerians.
One reason they said lead to this was banning of foreign rice importation by the new government to encourage local production though it looks like a good policy, it will amaze you that even the local rices are all expensive too and that's where salt has been added to an injury.
On my own view, this rice production problem can be solved with this seven key points
. Seven Key Points
1. Creation of Association
If Federal Government of Nigeria can create one unique association for all the rice production companies in Nigeria and urge them to join, it will be quite very nice and increase mutual understanding on policies that will enhance good outputs and help solve common challenges facing them.
2. Zoning of Companies
Yes, just like PHCN was zoned across the country, rice companies can be zoned and each and every one of them makes sure adequate price regulations and strong output are put in place in every of their zones, it will surely help. Example Anambra rice and Ebonyi can be zoned together to ensure full market supply of local rice to south east markets
3. Provision of aids and Funds
Federal Government of Nigeria should try as much to provide this companies with necessary aids and funds that will help increase and strengthen their productions, this won't be a hard task for the Government cause the funds will be recouped from taxes on this companies. Also provision of free fertilizer and checks of diversion of this aids should be handled properly.
4. Improved Infrastructures
It will be a thing of dismay if this companies find it hard to transport their productions to markets due to bad roads, and it is the duty of Government to provides this structures to help easy and quick distribution across the country.
5. Provision Mechanical and Expert Helps
If we want our rice quality to enhance, we have to seek help from good experts that will teach those companies on how to improve their production to match foreign standards and also on how to operate morden engines.
6 Establishment of depots
Each in every of the rice companies must make sure adequate distribution of rice's across the country by creating depots in the necessary places, it won't only help to ensure easy distribution, it will help them in market expansion and outreach their distribution units and capacity.
7. Free Adverts/ Promotions by Media
Lastly, Nigeria Media also has a part to play in mobilization of people and encourage them to buy and patronize Local Production or else these companies cannot be sustained which may lead to their collapse, so this is very important issue. Nigeria media can also provide free adverts for these companies for a limited amount of time.
I will drop my pen here. Please drop your comment and extra points in the comment box
Thank you
Sources: http://jonaztales.blogspot.com.ng/2016/11/7-key-ways-to-solve-rice-production.html?m=1
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