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* samlak The last of the kinds of boss in the universe. This is the worst of all the bosses in all ramifications as it can kill any serious business.
This kind of boss takes advantage of the situation in a particular environment.
We have so many organizations in this part of the continent where graduates are hired for jobs where they should earn enough, instead, they get peanut every day or month after hard labour.
The labourers can even be proud to declare their earnings meanwhile, a graduate working for this kind of boss cannot even pronounce the name of the organization he/she is working for.
Even when they are passionate about the job, the condition, pressure attached to the job is enough to push out the passion coupled with bad wages or salary and no incentives.
For example, as expected, someone working in a telecommunication company should be entitled to some minutes of airtime given for a particular period by the company.
So far this kind of companies knows there are no job and government policies are not top notch, they take advantage of these to give bad offers to graduates which those graduates will still find manageable due to the condition with hope that better one will come, yet, there will be no time for them to even apply to other ones as all their time will be consumed by the one they claim to be managing.
Apart from the above, this kind of boss is common among male bosses, they take advantage of the opposite sex due to the fact that they are the boss.
In this case who should we blame, the pressurer or the pressured?
Personally, i cannot blame the subject for succumbing to the pressure mounted by the boss for a sexual relationship to keep her job when we know it is an herculean task to get another.
Well, we can say she lacks faith but do you think it is easy for someone who cruises around in a car to start trekking?
It is good to reject the pressure, in fact, some women do, but i must confess it is not easy and kudos to those faithful ladies.
Bosses in this category are those who are over protective of their female offspring, in fact, they don't pray to have daughter(s) because of the way they threat other ladies.
This kind of bosses do not mind losing best hands for quacks just because of sexual pleasures.
The bad thing is that at the long run, the female still lose because the boss will always want to eat different delicacies.
If you are in this category, it is advisable you let this change affect you for better as you are killing your business, home and future gradually.
You claim you are professional, yet, you hire because of what you see in a particular lady that will favour just you not minding the desired qualities needed to move the business forward.
You might think you are enjoying, the fact is you are throwing stones ahead which you will still be the one to step on.
Source: http://bamisepeters.blogspot.com.ng/2016/11/boss-to-staff-relationship-opportunist.html
2016-11-19 12:04 · Reply · (0)

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