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* samlak CHOICE
(part 10)
Subahanallah! How dare you talk to him like that? Asked Naseer. Who is he that i can't talk to him the way i pleas asked salma. He is someone you dont know,some one whom have not seen his kind,so pleas am begging you to watch your language said Naseer. It's ok Naseer said Haidar. Salma has always been like this towards me added Haidar. Am here to tell you that my father will be returning in few weeks time,so pleas vacate the house and keep it clean added Haidar. Ok,thank you said Naseer. Haidar left.
Salma you need to start parking your stuffs to the boys quarters said Naseer. Why the boys quarters asked salma,isn't this your house? She added. No its not my house,am just a driver in this house,the man who own this house is Alhaji Bashir,his son is the one you were talking to with a negative tune said naseer. What! You mean you are a driver,you own nothing, you lied to me said salma with an angry tune. I admit that i lied to you,you were a girl who loves only money and am a man who wants a wife,you see we both are not. different said Naseer. Salma didn't say anything,she began to park her stuffs and so was Naseer.

Sweetness,here is your glass of water said Aisha. Haidar na! You look worried,whats wrong? asked Aisha. Sit down my love said Haidar,I have something to tell you he added. Am all ears pleas tell me said Aisha. Aisha!am a man who wish for a simple life,I pray for nothing but comfort,pleas if you find out anything surprisedly about me,pleas dont judge me said Haidar. What's wrong?is that all you want to say,is that why you look so tensed said Aisha. No matter what i won't judge you,I will always love you Inn shaa Allah she added.

I can't believe i got married to a driver,you have ruined my life said salma. I love you salma,pleas accept me for who i truly am pleaded Naseer. I cant love you said salma and she left the quarters.

Salamualeikum.....waaleikumsalam. Salma! What a surprise, you are in my house today said Aisha. Where is Haidar?asked salma. He is not home,is something wrong? Why are you looking for my husband?asked Aisha. Your husband is a liar said salma. Don't you dare say such negative word about my husband quarried Aisha. Surprisedly Haidar walked in. Haidar,haven't you told your wife the truth yet...asked salma. What truth? asked Aisha.

Finale to come your way Inn shaa Allah.
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