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* samlak CHOICE
(part 3)
Oh my God!what is Aisha doing here? salma asked herself. Salma where are you coming from? asked Aisha. Aisha! Why this question?you interrogate me as if you are my mother said salma. Am sorry salma a true Muslim sister cares about her fellow sex,am sorry if my question hurt your feelings Aisha said. Its Ok. I got the time table and here is your copy said salma. Thank you so much my friend said Aisha.

Salma was on the phone with Naseer. A damsel like you is rare to fine,the glimpse of your beauty got me thinking,its as if you were created with gold because your beauty shines more than the moon itself Naseer said to her. You flatter a lot,is this what you say to all the girls you meet?asked salma. I dont have any girl in my life,you are my first said Naseer. "I don catch big fish"uttered salma. Now what do you want from me?asked salma. I love you,I want us to get to know each other,what do you say?asked Naseer. I will think about it said salma.

Aunt Maryam! I dont understand my friend salma anymore said Aisha. What about your friend? Asked Maryam. Every day,I see her with different kinds of men,what can i do to help stop that habit in her,asked Aisha. Pray for her,its the best you can do for her said Maryam. Ok sister said Aisha.

Finally,the final year examination for college of education students zubis started. Exams were been written in different halls. Aisha and salma were among the students writing the examination. Exam day one passes. Other days of the examination came and pass too. It was the final day of the exam. After the examination,most students were happy,others were sad,because they would miss their colleagues. Aisha and salma were among those who were happy.
Aisha and salma were on there way home when a voice cried " Hy young lady,you on white hijab" both girls turn and to look at who could be calling at Aisha. To their surprise,it was....

More to come your way Inn shaa Allah.
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