Old school Easter eggs.
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* samlak CHOICE
(part 4)
To their surprise it was Haidar"the earrings seller" good afternoon to you two Haidar said. "Mtsww" hissed salma. Good afternoon Haidar,how are you?said Aisha. Am fine said Haidar. Aisha pleas may i have a word with you? asked Haidar. Yes of may replied Aisha. Salma pleas excuse us said Aisha. "Haidar and Aisha moved a bit away from salma ".what is it you want to talk about?Asked Aisha. Pleas can i have you cell contact?asked Haidar. Yes,you can. " Aisha gave her cell contact to Haidar and he left". What was it he wanted from you? asked salma. He asked for my cell contact replied Aisha. And you gave it to him?Asked salma. Yes i did replied Aisha. To a mare earring seller said salma. No!to a human being like you and i said Aisha. Ok,can we now get going asked salma. Yes we can said Aisha. "And they left".

Salma called Naseer to inform him about her final exams. Hello naseer,how are you?asked salma. Am fine and you asked Naseer. Am fine and i want to tell you that i just finished my exams said salma. Congratulations dear,this cause for a celebration,can you come to my house so we can celebrate it,asked Naseer. Yes,I can,I will be at your house by 5pm Inn shaa Allah,said salma.

Hello Aisha,this is Haidar. Hi Haidar,how are you asked Aisha. Am fine and you?replied Haidar. Am fine said Aisha. Aisha i have something to tell you said Haidar. Ok,go ahead am all ears said Aisha. I want to court you,what do you say about that?asked Haidar. You want to court me?asked aisha. Yes you replied Haidar. Have heard you Haidar,I will give you my reply soonest Inn shaa Allah. " she hung up".

My house was so easy to find right,said Naseer. It wasn't that difficult said salma. Pleas sit down and permit me to honor you said Naseer.
Ok,said salma. Naseer went into his kitchen poured two glasses of orange juice,he put some sedative in the glass of juice he wants to offer salma and he took it to her. Here is your cup and this is mine. Tell me,how was the exam asked naseer. It was fine replied salma. "A minute later salma slept off". Now let me enjoy myself said Naseer to himself. He was about to undress her,when a voice said to him,what are you trying to do Naseer.......

More to come your way. Inn shaa Allah.
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