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* samlak CHOICE
(Part 5)
What are you trying to do Naseer"it happens to be that Naseer was asking himself this question". How can you take advantage of a girl like this? Ain't you a Muslim? Search through your heart,you would find your love for her love there. With all this questions running through Naseer's mind,he couldn't do anything. "Few hours later salma was awake". Am sorry i slept off like that apologized salma. Its ok said naseer. Salma,may i ask you a question?asked Naseer. Sure you may replied salma. Will you marry me?asked Naseer. Really,you want me to marry you?asked salma. Yes,if you accept said naseer. Yes,I will marry you said salma. Am so happy,thank you so much said naseer. I will be at your house next week added Naseer. Ok,I will be expecting you,I have to go said salma. Bye.

On a Saturday evening,Aisha visited salma. Salma how have you been? Asked Aisha. Am fine replied salma. I have got something to tell you said salma. I also have something to tell you too said Aisha. But,let me here you first salma said to aisha. You know Haidar " the earring seller" he wants to court me said Aisha. What! How their he,what gives him the courage to ask you that said salma. And what did you say to him?she asked. I told him to give me time said Aisha. I advice you to forget about him advised salma. I can't,I think I like him too said Aisha"he is simple,loving,charming and he has a cute smile,best of all he is a Muslim" added Aisha. Ok o,as you wish said Salma. Now tell me your news said Aisha. Hmm....she signed with a smile...Naseer has asked me to marry him said salma. Who is Naseer asked Aisha. He is the man i want to get married to, he is very wealthy said Salma. Do you love him and does he love you? asked Aisha. Who cares about love when there is money said salma. Salma i advice you to pray about this guy's marriage proposal advised Aisha. Money solves everything said salma. Ok o,i should take my leave now said Aisha. Let me see you off said salma. "They were walking on the side of the road when a car parked before them"....

More to come your way. Inn shaa Allah.
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