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* samlak CHOICE
(part 6)
Haidar you.....with a car? Asked salma. Yes,its me but its not my car replied Haidar. Where are you both going? He asked. Emmm....i am going home replied Aisha. Can i pleas drop you off?asked haidar. Emmm..... Yes you can drop her off said salma. See you tomorrow,bye. "Salma bid them both good bye and she left. Aisha and Haidar were in the car". How are you? Haidar asked her. Am fine and you she asked him. " Alhamdulillah"am fine too replied Haidar. Emmm....about your request,I accept said Aisha. That makes me happy but?.... But what asked Aisha. But,if only you will marry said Haidar. But,you didn't ask me said Aisha. Aisha,will you marry? me asked Haidar. Yes,i will marry you replied Aisha. "Alhamdulillah" am so happy said Haidar.

"They arrived at Aisha's house". Pleas come in and meet my sister and her husband Aisha requested. "They walked into the house" .
Salamualeikum....waaleikumsalam. Good afternoon,he greeted. How are you they asked him. Am fine thank you he answered. Who is he,Maryam asked Aisha. He is here to see you both said Aisha. Aunt,uncle. My name is Haidar,I sell earrings am here to ask for your permission to marry Aisha. "Alhamdulillah" said her aunt. Aisha,what did you tell him asked her uncle. I accept his proposal said Aisha. "Alhamdulillah,Masha Allah" said her aunt and uncle. You can bring your relatives over said her uncle. "Haidar bid them good bye and he left".
Aisha am so happy for you,you didn't wait long to get a husband said Maryam. " Alhamdulillah,am so happy for myself said Aisha.

A date was fixed for Aisha and salma's wedding. Both friends decided to celebrate their wedding together. On the day of their wedding each bride was taken to her husband's house.

When Aisha got to her husband's house she was surprise to see where he lived in.....

More to come your way Inn shaa Allah.
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