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* samlak CHOICE
(part 7)
I can't believe Haidar lives in such a simple house. "The ladies who accompanied her began to speak ill about her husband's house,how can you marry a man who lives in a house made of mud bricks and wood". I am marrying Haidar and not his house she replied to them. Haidar's friends welcomed them and they received his bride and the other ladies who accompanied Aisha left.

Your husband's house is big,one of the ladies who accompanied salma said to her. Naseer's friends came and they received his bride.

Everyone had left,Aisha and Haidar were left alone at home. I know my house is not big and beautiful,but my heart has the most beautiful space for you to fit in said Haidar. All Aisha could do was smile bashfully. Let's pray. After prayer he brought her " dates and honey" she ate the dates and taste the honey. He told her he would he right back and he stepped out. 'Few minutes later he was back". She had changed into a beautiful simple night wear,she was lying on the mat. He came to her, he touched her,she opened her eyes and she said to him"you are back,am sorry i slept off". Its ok,you must be tired,take some rest said Haidar. Haidar stood up to change his wears, He felt Aisha's hands around him from behind,he turned and he looked at her. Aisha! What is it?he asked. Nothing Haidar,am happy am your wife,you will be the only man who occupies my heart said Aisha. He held her and he said to her,for so long have been willing to give you something. What could it be she asked him. He held her and he kissed her passionately,have been willing to give you my kisses he said to her. You have the right to give me what you will,its your right she said to him bashfully. He kissed her passionately,she returned his kisses,he felt her,he caressed her and he lied her down gently and the mat and they both shared the mat.

Salma and Naseer were alone. After they had prayed the "Nafilat Salat". He brought her some "Nunu milk mixed with honey". He excused himself. Few minutes later he was back. She was still sitting on the bed. " Doesn't this girl not understand that i gave her some privacy to change her wears and dress into what will pleas me. He approached her,he touched her. She looked at him and she.....

More to come your way Inn shaa Allah.
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