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* samlak CHOICE
( part 8 )
She looked at him and she moved his hands away. Salma you are my wife and this is our first night together as man and wife Naseer said to her. I know am your wife,but am tired,can't we do this another time salma said to him. He looked at her,all he could do was shake his head. He went to another room to sleep and she was left to sleep alone in his room.

After much romantic moments between Haidar and Aisha that night. He said to her"Aisha!I will be your father, brother,love,husband and the one who makes your nights and days beautiful Inn shaa Allah. She looked at him bashfully and she said to him"I will be your mother,your wife,your sister and the woman who makes you happy everyday and nights. He looked at her and he looked up"he said in his mind,I never believed i could have her,all i did was ask YOU (Allah s w t) and you gave her to me,"Alhamdulillah.

Naseer came back to the room,thinking that salma would have changed her mind. He touched her,she looked at him with a sleepy eyes and she asked him,what do you want? And he replied to her i want you. He kissed her,she tried to resist him but she couldn't,she tried to push him but she couldn't,so she gave in. It was her first time making love. She cried all through the night. She must be scared of making loves,I guess that's why she lied to me that she was tired.

The next day,Aisha got up early to prepared breakfast for Haidar. She made him a nice meal. He was pleased with it. Aisha,i have to go out to make money,I will see you later and he left. Aisha prayed to Allah(s w t) to bless and protect her husband.

Salma was still sleeping. Naseer was already dressed for work. He woke her up to tell her,he was about to live for work. When she woke up she was in tears. Why are you crying? asked Naseer.....

More to come your way Inn shaa Allah.
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