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* samlak (1)Man Utd are the first and the only club in the world to own their club plane.(they don't hire the flight like R.Madrid&Barcelona etc when going to matches around the world.)
(2)Man Utd are the only club to have been managed by the same manager for 26 yrs.(SAF)
(3)Man Utd are the only club to have won 20 premier League titles than other club in England and in Europe and the rest of the world.
(4)Man Utd are the only club to have won a treble in England.(1999)
(5)Man Utd are the first and the only club to reach 1000 goals last season since 1992.
(6)Man Utd will be the first club to reach 2000 points this season since 1992.(they only need 48 points to seal the mark)
(7)Man Utd are the first club to sign an Amernian player in the EPL.(Henrik Mikhtaryan)
(8)Man Utd are the first club to have a player who won the Balon D'or in England.(Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008)
(9)Man Utd are the first club in England to sign the most expensive black teenager with the price that's over £55m after add ons.(Anthony Martial)
(9)Man Utd are the only club that have a 75 000 seater in England and Europe.(Old Trafford)
(10)Man Utd are the first club to out bid Real Madrid twice in the football history.(Cristiano Ronaldo in 2003&Paul Pogba in 2016)
(11)Man Utd are the only club in the world to have signed the most expensive black player for a world record fee,£112m.(PaulPogba)
(12)Man Utd are the first club to have had a 29yr association with a single player in the world for both as a player and as a manager.(Ryan Giggs)
(13)Liverpool are the first England club to have knocked Man Utd out of the European cup competition.Europa League in 2015/16 season)
(14)Eric Bailey Betrand becomes the first African defender to have played for Man Utd since it was established.
(15)Man Utd are the only club in England and Europe to have signed a least number of African players since it was established.They are only three.(Eric Daniel Djemba Djemba from Cameroon,Quinton Fortune from South Africa&Eric Bailey Betrand from Ivory Coast.)
(16)Man Utd are the first and only club to resign a top accountant from the Forbes International and employ him.(Cliff Butt in 2015)
(17)Man Utd are the only club in the world with the 5 players who earn from £200 000/wk and above.
Wayne Rooney-£300k/wk.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic-£265k/wk.
Paul Pogba-£275k/wk.
David De Gea-£200k/wk.
Henrik Mikhtaryan-£200k/wk.
(18)Man Utd are the first and the only club to have the highest paid goalkeeper.(David De Gea -£200k/wk.)
(19) Jose Mourinho becomes the first everi Portuguesse Man Utd since in its history.
(20)Louis Van Gaal became the first ever Dutch manager to have managed Man Utd.
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