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* samlak You may already be aware that popular Nigerian female blogger has taking the hustle to a new level by launching her own social media network which she calledLinda Ikeji Social (LIS).I'm not sure why she used her name for the project but all I care about is how to make money from it. So for this post I intend to discuss how to make money fromLinda Ikeji Social.
Linda Ikeji Social which also abbreviates as LIS is a social media platform, just like Facebook, where people can connect with each other and share relevant stories with each other.
According to Linda Ikeji, LIS is a combination of blogging and social networking. This means that you get to read amazing stories on various categories and also connect with new people. The part that captures my attention is the fact that on LIS, YOU CAN MAKE A LOT OF MONEY.
HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON Linda Ikeji Social
There are basically 4 ways to earn money on Linda Ikeji Social. And I'm going to discuss them below
1. Sell your Stories
This is the first way I'm going to be making money from LIS. If you are following me on Facebook you must have noticed that I write a lot. Oh well, Facebook doesn't pay me a dime for that. But on LIS you will be paid N1000 for every EXCLUSIVE story you submit.
EXCLUSIVE means that the story must be original and unique. It must be an eye witness account probably supported with pictures and videos.
So imagine posting 10 unique stories everyday, that's N10.000 daily. I plan to recruit and train some youths whose duty would be to go round the city and get me exclusive reports. If each of them could submit 5 reports daily and get a monthly salary of N70.000+ from me, would there be any regrets?
2. Page Ad Revenue.
LIS allows users to create as many pages as possible just like Facebook. But the difference is that Facebook doesn't pay you a dime for placing ads on your page whereas Linda Ikeji Social does.
If your page on LIS has up to 50k followers, one ad banner would be placed on your page. And for it, you will earn 20% of whatever the advertiser paid for the advert. If your page has up to 100k followers, you will have two ads placed on your page and earn a total of 40% of the ad revenue. So cool right?
3. LIS Giveaway.
According to Linda Ikeji, LIS will be giving out cash prizes as well as recharge cards every week. You will have to log in to your account on Linda Ikeji Social to see what's up for grab every week.
4. Sell your Products on LIS
LIS also offers a platform for buying and selling. You could advertise your products and services and enjoy good patronage.
LIS has come to stay because the brain behind it, Linda Ikeji is not a small fish.
Sign up at www.lindaikejisocial.com
2016-11-21 22:45
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