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* samlak Little word of advice
You can fall in love with anyone,
but building a relationship takes
absolutely more than what
attracted you to them and takes
more than love. We are too fond
of loving when it's convenient
and sweet. We are too fond of
loving when love is there but that
can only last for just the first 3-6
months of the relationship. After
then, you'll realise that the
feelings have dropped, it's now
your responsibility to make it
work, not love's responsibility.
Relationships cannot be
readymade. You have to build it
and it's never always about love,
it requires commitment and
intelligence. On the long run in
marriages, it's not just love that
keeps them together forever, it's
determination and commitment.
Everyone falls in love; it takes little
or no effort to do that. But
staying in love? Building a
relationship? Only the strong and
committed ones do that.
That's why we must find that
one person and commit to that
one, discipline yourself and bridle
your emotions.
Building a relationship is hard
work, it's like building a career,
It's like pursuing a dream. It's
always tough, at some point it
will be so bitter but you can
make it work by putting your
heads together, you can scale
through the trying time by being
focus and committed.
The kind of love that attracts two
people together is not the kind
of love that will keep them
together. Be emotionally strong
and be self disciplined!.
Sticking to one person is not
natural, you must develop
yourself to do that. It works
great and perfect with people of
like minds, people of the same
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2017-12-04 10:34 · Reply · (0)
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